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01-25-2013, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Maybe you could give us the formula that is used for hitrate calculations? Just in case the old Geko one is wrong.

(As I understand it, only Defense and Accuracy are relevant. So things like range are not being taken into account, correct?)
These calculations haven't been changed. The information previously published is still accurate.

And also: maybe your dev magic powers are the problem? Maybe you are affecting the calculations in a way that differ from actual weapon mods. Why are you testing with dev +1000 anyway instead of simply equipping Acc3 weapons and compare them to no Acc weapons?
Equipping Acc3 weapons would give such a small variance that a very large sample size + parser would be required to retrieve the data that was being gathered. I have neither an abundance of time, nor experience using the parsing tools available in the community, and so opted for a more dramatic/simplified test scenario that would reveal obvious issues if they existed.

For the purposes of my testing, I created a Phaser Beam Array with an [Accx1000] modifier. This wasn't a Temporary power, or "Dev magic" beyond creating the item. I cloned off the data from an existing [Acc] modifier and increased the value, then attached it to a standard Phaser Beam Array. Simple stuff, and there's no reason it should have created skewed results of any kind.
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