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01-25-2013, 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
i bought it for 85 million ec with = cheaper than the 30$ you propose
While lockboxes themselves are providing a better conversion rate at this moment the typical conversion rate is around 15-16k ec/zen, (and that's what everything except lockboxes themselves are trading at) so you normally need ~5500 zen to get 85 million EC. That's a more like 50 dollars than 30.

Either way, I'm getting really annoyed at this stuff being per character unlocks. To get a fully buffed up dreadnought carrier means 3 ships... 2 of which I can't fly at the moment. They really need to start making these things account wide unlocks. I'm not likely to spend 50 dollars on a ship I'm not going to fly.

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