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# 1 Some of the new DOFFs...
01-25-2013, 08:24 PM
...are actually fairly good. I've really only tested the mostly engineering based ones however, so this isn't all of the DOFFs.

Boarding Party:

Assault Squad Officer

So, 40% chance per shuttle to give the shutting a phaser or disruptor turret, which will fire upon the nearest target (at about 5km away roughly). The turret, presuming it doesn't miss or crit and with no resists up does about...300 damage, give or take 50. With crits I saw some decent numbers in the 400-500 range. They also have the same sound and roughly the same firing speed as like the Bioneural torp's turret.

You can stack this DOFF with the Flight Deck Officer that allows you to double your number of Boarding Party shuttles, each of those can also potentially get a turret as well. (I haven't tested this with the Marauding Force shuttles btw).

I don't know if the turret changes depending on the level of Boarding Party used, but it might just be better to use a lower level of it for a shorter CD time.

Med/Shield Generator:

Transporter Officer

This thing procs a decent amount of the time. It does indeed summon a generator, but the generators suffer from a couple problems (aside from their normal issues people have about them)

1. The procced gens are only the level 1 versions.

2. You cannot proc more than one generator. (Makes sense though)

3. The extra gen appears next to the original, making it spawn sometimes outside of a cover shield's protection.

4. It pretty much makes Bunker Fabrication a lot less useful because the only unique thing it'll have is Force Field Dome.

On the plus side however, it does give any kit with a generator essentially an extra power, allowing you to run a kit you might normally not. I used the Romulan Mk XII Fabrication kit for my tests, and combined with other DOFFs, I can now have out:

Med and shield gens, up to 3 Quantum Mortars, up to 3 Support Drones, a Seeker Drone, up to 3 Turrets including a level 4 turret with the extra plasma flamethrower on it.

All at the same time.


Security Officer:

This is pretty simple: It's nice. It does exactly as it says (even if the effect isn't as obvious as some of the other DOFFs here). It helps me hold aggro even more than I already do most of the time. Not a whole lot to say here.

Shield Recharge:

Diagnostic Engineer:

I like this a lot actually. Shield Recharge is a good abililty with a short cooldown, so if you have multiples, this will proc a lot more often than you might think. Animation is kind of cool to look at. It doesn't last long, but since you can use it on others, it can be pretty effective.

The only issue is that because it is a Diagnostic Engineer, if you are wanting to use Equipment Diagnostics DOFFs as well, you have to choose what mixture of the two you are going to use.

PS: Some of this is opinion based, so if you don't agree, that's ok. However if I am certainly wrong or missing something, let me know.

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