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# 1 Universal Console Slot
01-26-2013, 01:49 PM
Hello folks, I am new to the forums and relatively new to the game. However that being said, I raised a question based on the current direction most of the new ships are taking. Can there be a spot designated for the special console that comes with the ship that same spot be used for other universal console spots?

This means when a person opens their new ship , that they are not sacrificing an engineering, tactical, or science slot just to house the special console. Now, if a person decides to add the additional consoles then those would need to be thrown into the other console areas.

The other aspect would be fleet ships versus C-Store counter parts. To this area I pose that if the ship does not normally come with a special console that it should not be part of the fleet vessels. The fleet ships tend to give better stats and an additional spot compared to none fleet counter part. So the sacrifice is a slot space over stats. (Feel free to say fleet ships should take the special console slot into consideration)

Again, this post is only because of the direction I see ships taking. Some vessels that require three special consoles to do an ability and that is a huge sacrifice to any player. You wouldn't buy a car where you're spare tire replaces your passenger side seat would you? The aforementioned analogy is an extreme case, but still, even cars have a place for that spare that does not require removal of other key functions.

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