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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Wow, hfmudd, I LOVE what your mirror Sanara said about the Prime Directive! You really captured the difference between what it started as in TOS (protecting those who genuinely could not have fought the Federation back) and what it became in TNG--an excuse to play politics and to pick and choose which atrocities to accept and which ones to ignore.
Just so. Thank you.
(And, seeing as how Trek often references real-world politics, there's also a bit of a dig there at how often "civilized" democracies stand by while other countries act in barbaric ways, especially to their own people. Apparently, "never again" and "universal human rights" and similar rhetoric only counts when you're sitting on land or resources those democracies want, or are a potential or proven threat to one of them.)

I also wanted to address the improbability (in scientific, rather than narrative, terms) of why it's always these two universes (or is it? - see previous discussion), and present my personal theory on which way the Vulcan/Romulan split went in that universe - that it was the "weak" Surakites who were exiled to wander the stars, and the dangerous schemers who stayed home.

What she did--not really taking the time to learn what Joining was like in the prime universe, and then trying to kill Draz--was wrong and ultimately it does show the corruption that seems to be almost ubiquitous in the MU. But, what she said before that point was right.
Even then, I don't see her as 'corrupt'. Impatient and judgmental, yes (qualities shared by this Sanara, though somewhat tempered by Draz), but still doing her best to survive and learn despite the horrible things she's experienced, and in the end, willing to sacrifice herself to grant "mercy" to what she thought was a victim and end the life of a cruel tyrant. (Unfortunately, even if Draz shows her mercy in turn when she wakes up in Europa's brig, it's unlikely to change her opinion.)

It's a grim, dangerous and often desperate universe, and it breeds people who are the same.
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