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I picked up the Advanced Fleet Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Turn]x3 [Spd] but they do not seem to actually give a noticeable improvement to turn rate.

For example Impulse Engines Mk XI [Full]x3 engine gives a VERY noticeable boost to Full Impulse speed, and have the following text in the Engines' description:
+45 Flight Turn Rate
+15.2 Full Impulse Flight Speed
+15.2 Full Impulse Flight Speed
+15.2 Full Impulse Flight Speed

However the [Turn]x3 engines do not give a noticeable boost to the turn rate of the ship. In fact I only noticed an increase of 1 degree per second! The text only shows this:
+54 Flight Turn Rate

Obviously 54 is not anywhere close to 3x greater than 45. One would expect to see:
+54 Flight Turn Rate
+54 Flight Turn Rate
+54 Flight Turn Rate

It would seem that only one of the turn bonuses is being applied.

I mean Full x 3 engines increases Full Impulse Speed from 160.58 to 207.72, a 29.35% improvement.

So why does Full x 3 grant a 29.35% improvement to speed, while Turn x 3 only grants a 6.5% improvement to turn speed? Why doesn't Turn x 3 grant a 29.35% improvement to turn rate, at the very least?

I did some further testing.

Time to complete 360-degree turn at max engine power in Chimera Heavy Destroyer with a single rare Mk XI RCS console:

MACO Engines Mk. X - 10.5-10.6 sec.
Fleet [Turn]x3 Engines - 9.9-10.0 sec.

I.e. the rate of turn is increased only slightly, nothing close to what "x3" would make you think. Nothing similar to what you would imagine based on the effect of [Full]x3 on the Full Impulse Rate.

TO use these Fleet Turn engines, you are giving up any possible set bonus or other bonuses from using set engines or other specialized engines. So unless the Turn bonus from them is substantial, then they're totally pointless.

You only get 2.2 deg./sec. improvement over the MACO Mk. X's, to 35.7 deg./sec.

+493.4% flight turn rate of Evasive Maneuvers increases the turn rate to 87.8 deg./sec. using the MACO, and 90 deg./sec. using the Turnx3. So there is no 'proportionally increasing' gains here, just the same extra 2.2 deg./sec. difference -- completely not effectual.

Now, one would think that "3x" (which in all forms of math means 300%) would increase the turn rate by at least 3/5ths of the amount that a ~500% improvement does.

Therefore by my calculation the turn rate of the ship should be 68.28 deg./sec. with the Turnx3, not 35.7 deg./sec., because ((90-35.7)/5)*3+35.7 = 68.28.

Please fix these engines... I felt rather deceived to get them and find out that they did virtually nothing. It really seems like a bug. I hope this was not the intended behavior. I think the bonus which should have been 30 degrees per second got added in as 3 degrees per second -- a simple "power of 10" error, decimal point in the wrong place, etc.

EDIT: Note that I did read the formula for how the game supposedly adds the [Turn] bonus into the mix. It seems it's directly proportional with the ship's existing base turn modifier. The ship that needs such an engine the least gets the most bonus from it, in this scheme. Whereas the ship that needs it the most, gets almost nothing out of it. This seems very backwards to me. If anything, the [Turn] bonus should be *inversely* proportional to the ship's base modifier.

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