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01-27-2013, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by grindisbaddesign View Post
And WHEN they did, you all would be right back here with your pitchforks and torches: BURN THE HERETIC!!

Ultimately, your picking another fight with the majority of the playerbase in order to force them to play your way. It never works out the way you planned, as you can see with how abolishing the clickers have turned out for you.
Actually, ultimately it really comes down to whether it is worth our while to make missions. If players only want grinders then we can all just move on to other games. Then you guys can just grind away to your hearts content and we can devote our efforts to something else.

However, there are people who do like the story missions, so it is probably premature for us to give up on the Foundry. The trouble is those missions are buried under tons of grinders, and that is a real issue, as has been discussed.

Give us two categories, combat centric, and story centric, and we're set. Let us choose the category, or even have it be set automatically (maybe mission length/number of combat encounters) and I think this would solve a lot of people's complaints. The problem right now is the story missions are buried amongst a lot of mindless grinds, which makes people upset. I don't think that many people even care if people want to pew pew, but we would like our story-based missions to get some billing as well.

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