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What Im about to lay out is my primary offensive style for science and it has worked quite well for me. Its strong point is crowd control and taking down, or atleast severely damaging large numbers of vessels. Its not a full build, just several bridge officer abilities and universal consoles that fit very well together and work in concert with each other.

What you need:
A lot of Aux power (I usually run 45weapons/50 shields/25 engine/80 aux for this, but you can mess around with it depending on the priorities of your play style. All my listed are based on a standing aux power of 108 after skill/ship boosts to the 80... batteries will work also if youre squeemish about committing too much to aux, but a high sitting aux level is best for this)

Isometric charge (Universal console available through an award pack going for about 200k EC on exchange)

Theta Radiation (universal console reward pack, 800k EC)

Graviton Pulse (Universal console reward pack, 1.2 mil EC)

Officer with Grav Well 3

Purp mk XII consoles boosting graviton generators and particle generators. These two stats will boost everything else involved in the strategy.

How It Works:

When youre flying up on a group of enemies, fire the graviton pulse first. This causes up to 10 enemies in a 90 degree arc in front of you to have their engines cut by 66% and manueverability cut by 80% for a period of time, and with my skills that period of time is 34.9 seconds. They are now dead in the water and ready for your evil machinations.

Next I pop a grav well. Mine runs at -0.58 repel (pulls them in) causing 1,258 kinetic dmg per second to all of them. Plus it puts them all nice and bunched in together, unable to escape because their engines got cut by the graviton pulse.

Then I set full speed ahead straight at the ball of enemies and when I get about 3km away, I pop the theta radiation and an evasive manuevers. I fly straight through the middle or under the middle, then do a circle of the entire ball. The encases the entire ball of paralyzed enemies in a cloud of theta radiation that does -2.4% crew every sec, -4720 perception while theyre in it, -239.7 to each shield per second, and for good measure it also reduces impulse by an additional 50% and manueverability by another 50% also.

They now cant move, cant see, shields are dropping quickly and theyre all ready for your isometric charge (torpedo spreads work well in conjunction also). Its stats are based off particle generator stats, which conveniently also causes grav wells to do more damage. The isometric charge bounces between 4 enemies with the final attack being an area of effect. With my stats they are 7050 to target #1, 10500 to #2, 14000 to #3, and the area of effect final blast 23,500 kinetic damage. After their shields have been heavily depleted by the radiation, and their hulls damaged by the grav well going this whole time, that final blast usually finishes off everything but the battleships of the group.

Additional tip: I usually have scattering field and polarize hull going as Im doing this. The enemy tends to get rather displeased when they see this happening.

It takes several minutes for all the abilities to recharge where you can do this all in conjunction, but its nice being able to rambo a huge group of enemies with ease once every 3-4 minutes. It also works well in groups when there are some tacs laying down AOE DPS.

EDIT/DISCLAIMER: Meant more for PVE, Im sure elements can work in pvp also but I havent tested it there as I rarely pvp

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I was about to say, yes, this might work well for PVE and STFs, but not so much in PVP, where people aren't as affected by gravwell, and can clear the theta radiation.

Wouldn't using a boff slot and having Eject Warp Plasma be a better option? Then you've freed up valuable console space to use in improving your gravwell or other aspects of your ship.

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It's a lovely dirty trick, for PvE. Would be pretty dirty in PvP, too, if they weren't expecting it.

I can well understand why you'd want Polarize Hull running... getting tractored in the middle of all that mayhem would be rather unpleasant.
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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Wouldn't using a boff slot and having Eject Warp Plasma be a better option? Then you've freed up valuable console space to use in improving your gravwell or other aspects of your ship.
That is what I did. Throw a grav well to trap enemies, spread warp plasma on it, swing around a torp spread them all. There's a doff that adds an immobilization effect to EWP, too.

The downside of this is that it forces you to use an engineer in the Vesta's Lieutenant Commander slot. Not many people are going to do that. But it works quite well.

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