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Oki! Time has come to unleash the fun.

The concerns expressed in the first draft has been discussed during our second meeting regarding rules. The second meeting yielded some modifications to the rules, and the final outcome has now come to fruitition for those wishing to involve themselves.

The final draft can be found here

Rules are set, and teams please start signing up! I want fleet names only and how many teams you plan to field. If people plan to field a mix of people from different fleets/random people, please make a team name
Time for tournament is the 9 february at 20.00 CET/2PM EST. That`ll give teams roughly 2 weeks to aquire the nessecary gear and ships, and get prepared.

The desicion is made on a single elimination torunament, and I hope all can meet in orgpvp at that exact time for the tournamnet. Else i can be contacted on the handle @Devoras_serenitus if teams needs to get in touch.
For voice coms we will all meet up at pvp bootcamp. Here are details:

So lets sign up and have fun!
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