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01-27-2013, 01:52 PM
If cryptic pulls the Grinders or changes the drop rate I and my entire fleet will never play another foundry mission again. The players want them. A small group of Foundry Authors dont. So the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many? So what is the root of the issue? The masses love and use NEED the Grinders. A group of Foundry Authors see that these simple easy no story missions are stealing all the glory. They Demand that the missions be removed or the drop rate lowered so people have to play the missions that they think are acceptable. So these authors are trying to force players to play the mission they make. If Cryptic creates a seperate listing for story missions and a seperate listing for grinders let the community choose. I have spoke to everyone in my fleet (60 of us) and many say if it was not for the grinders many would not have been able to afford gear to do STFs with or progress through the Reputation system, or contribute to starbase projects. Some even fear that if these mission go that due to the limited time they can play they wont be able to contribute or ever progress in a reasonable amount of time and should just spend the little time they have for gaming playing something else. It would be a very sad day if a small group of Foundry Authors destroys the gaming experence and enjoyment for thousands of players.

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