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Okay, so I'm torn between the Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher and the Omega Torpedo Launcher for several reasons. The Romulan one has the highest damage output, however its projectiles are slow, targetable and all have an area of effect, meaning you have to be careful not to catch yourself in the blast, however with loads of overlapping explosions it can really hurt grouped enemies. It also has some fun quirks such as using the fact that torpedoes retarget to hit enemies out of your arc by aiming them at a fighter and destroying it before the torpedoes arrive, or using the spread when enemy targetable projectiles and fighters are around in order to create a much larger salvo to hit a single target (once you've cleared the others away with a scatter volley). The omega launcher is however generally more dependable as its torpedoes are much faster, and its standard ones are non-targetable making them better for PvP. It also has this nice mix between a rapid plasma torpedo launcher and a tricobalt launcher as the plasma energy bolt can hit very hard.

Anyway, the main difficult comes from the 3-piece item set bonuses of each; the omega one is pretty much useless as it occurs so rarely and with such a long cool-down that you'll rarely see it do anything for you. Meanwhile the romulan singularity set gives you the plasma hyperflux ability for the experimental plasma beam array; not a big deal if you don't have one, but if you do then it basically lets you fire a volley where all of its effects are 3 times as powerful (DPS, plasma DoT, damage resistance debuff) but are guaranteed to proc. If you (like me) use the beam array (zero power is a huge boon on its own) then it's not an easy ability to give up. Even though I fly an escort that beam array can fire on awkward enemies nearly all the time, and a well timed hyperflux will hit extremely hard, almost making up for my cannons being unable to fire however briefly.

So I'm thinking that the omega weapon set really needs a few tweaks, and here's what I'm thinking:

Omega Torpedo Launcher
I'm thinking it would make sense to adjust this launcher's high yield torpedoes to be more like a regular plasma torpedo launcher; or at least a faster, weaker plasma energy bolt, and in doing so reduce or eliminate the cool-down that high yield places on the launcher. It means that high yield would be a bit more spammable, but with weaker shots it shouldn't matter so much.

3-Piece Set Bonus
I'd either replace this with the following ability, or add it in addition (since the passive isn't that great anyway). The ability would be a special high-yield powerup for the omega torpedo launcher only, allowing it to fire an overcharged plasma energy bolt, with the strength (and cool-down) scaled based upon how many charges are remaining on the launcher. It would be very slow, but its health would also be scaled, along with a guaranteed plasma DoT.

It would be kind of similar to the plasma hyperflux boosting the romulan experimental beam array, but for the omega torpedo launcher. The more charges it drains the harder it hits, tougher it is, but longer it takes to recharge.

I think something like this would make the 3-piece set a lot more worthwhile; it shouldn't make the torpedo launcher any weaker since the tweaked high yield would do less damage, but would be faster to make it harder to shoot down (more consistent with regular plasma high yield), however it would still have a special high yield attack allowing it to do the really heavy damage when carefully timed.

Otherwise I'm inclined to think that the romulan singularity set tops out, for PvE certainly, as the torpedo launcher does more damage overall, and the hyperflux ability is very good if you're happy to mount the beam array; a hyperflux alongside attack pattern omega is a -50+ damage resistance debuff, alongside the normal proc of the romulan plasma weapons that can really cripple enemy defence, almost to the point that plasma on PvP isn't actually such a weak option anymore.

Anyway, I'm interested to know what others think about the strength of the omega torpedo launcher compared to the romulan hyper-plasma, and what should be changed about the omega weapon 3-piece set bonus.
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01-27-2013, 10:01 AM
I like the suggestion for the 3 piece set.

I would however, also ask them to re-list the kinetic beam into a projectile weapon rather than an energy weapon so that it can be boosted by projectile consoles AND be able to be used in the b'rel retro without breaking cloak.
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01-27-2013, 02:06 PM
personally, i dont use either 3pc bonus, rather i slot both consoes nd the rom torp and the KCB and make use of both 2pc bonuses on my HEC although i do like youre idea and i would deff think about using the omega torp if it had an ability like this
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01-27-2013, 02:31 PM
Well, the Romulan torp can spit out a very high number of projectiles fast. Even in PVP, people do have problems shooting them all down. With sustained fire from a good torp boat, they are very annoying.

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