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Let me start at the beginning. I have this science character that didn't function well in an escort in my view. So I was looking for a nice science vessel and my eye fell on the Wells. That is a lockbox ship however. Then I thought let's farm dilithium, buy zen, buy keys, open boxes, in the end I will have a ship or enough lobi for the mirror variant.

I do not mind dilithium farming but things didn't go fast enough for me. Then I thought let's go crazy and buy 10 keys (I had 1000 zen from an earlier purchase). With the sixth key I had my Wells, lucky me. Now there was also nice loot in the other boxes. So with the discount on keys this weekend, I went crazy again and bought 20 keys. Click, click, click ... again a temporal science vessel. This one went to one of my Klingon characters.

I like the Korath even more than the Wells, but playing with it, I began to wonder. Why can't it cloak. Will the Klingons forget that technology or will they disband it? Real warriors do not hide?

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