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01-28-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by georgeorwin View Post
Seriously, what's with the finger pointing out of house? Cryptic's software worked fine before they "fixed" things, and now, after a "fix" they want to say that it's an ISP fault? Seems kinda donkeyish to me.

Please don't buy into the "it's not our fault" line. I have empathy for the devs, but no respect for shirking responsibility.
To be fair, this thread is chock full of evidence that would heavily suggest it very much is the fault of an ISP, at least for the majority. They aren't shirking anything, it's just that the facts support the hypothesis that it's not directly something Cryptic has done. It has been like this for some of us since before today's patch, after all.

So just chill out, cynicism won't help it get fixed any quicker

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