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Short term

1. Drop/Cancel project button on character reputation panel.
2. Make the next object location circle on the map clearer by changing it's colour or flashing.
3. Have ++run toggle work everywhere permanently when out of combat. We keep having to toggle it twice to make it work after combat.

Medium term

1. Add more free clothes, with unique racial sets.
2. More colour options on customizing clothes and ships or texture options Matt/Gloss/Glowing?
3. Increase the marks gained from missions on New Romulus and Defari to reflect the time it takes to get them. I aint bothered about how easy or risk free they are, I liked doing them at the very beginning but the rewards were not worth the time, I think most players feel the same.

Long term

1. Add episode missions which give rewards that can compete with the STFs, currently players are farming marks by continuously doing STFs, hundreds of them. Some varied and challanging episode-type missions (3 parts - mixture of ground and space) could alleviate STF burnout.
2. Make the holodecks work! Work simplitiscally, but you have to add "Freeze program" and "Computer, Exit!" commands Perhaps they can be rented out by a fleet officer for custom built training sessions, like the foundary missions but with no rewards.
3. Add more voices in dialogs and much more music. I don't feel immersed as I can usually only hear combat sounds since the music has run out and the NPCs are only talking via dialog text.

I would like to add that Star Trek Online is a beautiful and fabulous game and all the effort that has already gone into is very much appreciated!
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01-26-2013, 08:42 PM
Short Term:

Balance Weapon Power Usage with DPS
Balance Weapon Power Usage with DPS
Balance Weapon Power Usage with DPS
Balance Weapon Power Usage with DPS...you get the idea. I'm tired of being penalized twice for using a weapon with a better firing arc than 45 degrees. If you run 8 beams, an already low dps drops to a pathetic dps when they choke themselves on power.
Beam weapon effects: combine all volleys into a single longer duration beam and make DPV = DPS. I'd like to see the same effect as in the shows and other star trek games, not a disco ball in space.

Medium Term:

Make ground STFs and FAs actually worth running. They are just a waste of time due to the difference in the value of the drops between ground and space.

Long Term:

Turn ground combat into a true First-Person Shooter with no weapon auto-targetting and auto-locking. I basically want ground combat to be like Star Trek: Elite Force. You get a first-person view including your weapon and your toon's hands, and all of your weapon fire goes wherever your reticule is pointing (keep the split-beam secondary fire the way it is).

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01-27-2013, 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by miloflipper View Post

1. Add more clothes, with unique racial sets.
I have to agree with this one... would love to create a character who came from another races exchange program. Like a Cardassian Officer in full Cardie gear, Klingon, etc.

We can already do it with Bajorans for example...

Now I know that the present atmosphere of in game empire diplomacy in STO doesn't make it realistic but hey...

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01-27-2013, 11:09 PM
  • Starfleet ships, KDF ships
  • Useable TNG era ships (not gimps like Galaxy), less DS9 trash
  • less alien trash boxes
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01-28-2013, 08:00 AM
I would like to see the Duty Officer Roster cap lifted. If we?re willing to purchase the roster slots from the C-Store, then we should be able to ?collect? as many Duty Officers as we want.

According to the ship stats, my Odyssey crew compliment is 2,500. I?d like to have a say in exactly who make up that 2,500 man crew. I?m sure game balance plays a part in the need for a Duty Officer limit, but maybe that limit could be ship specific. Perhaps we could assign specific Duty Officers to specific ships, that way your available officers will depend on which ship you?re commanding at the moment.

Maybe at least there could be officer pools that all acquired Duty Officers go to before being assigned to a specific ship, base project, etc. They wouldn?t be available for Duty Officer missions, etc. until they had been given a ship assignment. I just know that I can?t ever really fill my Duty Officer roster, because I?ve got to keep open slots for Common Duty Officers to fill requirements on Starbase projects.
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# 3536 Log on
01-28-2013, 01:36 PM
Hope to be able to log on today since the patch lol
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01-28-2013, 11:11 PM
Short: Fix errors with new equipment stats, IE zero point thingy no longer adds to critical chance.

Mid: same as short :"Fix errors:" And keep fixing errors, try to stop making patches that cause problems, I don't understand how you always fix one error and create anouther?

Long turm:Just get the dam game errors .... fixed!!! Fix them all, would submit tickets but that has errors too. Also monitor your admins, at least one of them has a trigger happy ban from forum button, with little to no justification(because of this fact I no longer contribute to the web page feedback). Plus Fix your web page errors!!
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# 3538 new mission idea
01-29-2013, 01:49 PM
i only have one suggestion atm and its a long term one for a new mission i call "pirate treasure".
basically its a long term mission with multiple stages and actions to it that get expinetually larger with each stage and as each stage increases so do the rewards and i dont mean experience or skill points i mean actual loot that has been stolen by raiders. I also think that with this mission at increasing intivals you can also include lock boxes that arent available any more as well as priemium items such as master keys.
This can also be like a treasure hunt where you have to go to several different sectors before you complete a stage
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# 3539 re Fleet Starbases
01-30-2013, 08:11 AM
My request , and I know many have voiced their agreement with this is ....is that fleet starbases should be able to invite other factions to their bases. It makes no sense not to allow this, as fleets of one faction should be allowed to invite representatives of another faction for " diplomatic discussions" "to further understanding of other races" etc., to their bases. Sounds simple enough...bearing in mind the option that allows the ejection of any problem visitor so.......why can we not do this?
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01-31-2013, 08:08 AM
Avatar: In one the the "Titan" novels the Titan's AI made itself into an Avatar like the one from the Andromeda TV series.

How about creating one Avatar for each ship you possess? I can give it up to 3 different traits that boost different ship powers like Aux, Shield, Hull, Damage..
Once assigned, this Avatar can not be replaced.

Via Z-Store I buy an Avatar Requesiton which I give a technican at ESD. Then we get the usual Tailor window where I can customize my own Avatar and give him traits to boost the ship.

The Avatar will be standing at the bridge next to the Captains Chair.

Special High Ranking Officers:

Those are literally spoken V.I.P. guests on the ship. Diplomats, Technicans, Entertainers, Professors, Doctors,...

2 of them can be assigned to the ship and boost Space and Ground abilitys depending on their own profession.

As "House Guests" they only stay for a while on the ship and vanish after a default period.

Buyable like Doffs over Exchange, Z-Store, ....

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