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Originally Posted by voodoopapa View Post
Thanks for the feedback. I wasnt aware of all the races. I plan on getting started with an Orion female but not sure which role i want to do. Just need to wait for the wife to go to sleep :-)
Just a heads up on that Orion female... Put as much points as you can into body armor to give it enough damage resistance. The thing behind the females is the seduce skill alone is a very very big game breaker in most ground combat even in stfs LOL. For that their draw back is poor damage resistance so the body armor spec being high helps with that. The only other KDF race with poor damage resistance is ferasans but the way both races are setup they are the only KDF races that get big pros for their big cons.

A basic run down of how KDF races work are:

Klingons: Strong in Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, damage resistance, and critical severity... Generates a medium level of threat generation for its damage resistance.

Orions: Males are very strong in the basis of damage resistance and melee. The females however have seduce that is a confuse power like scramble sensors for ground but their damage resistance base is very low.

Nausicaans: The nausicaans are one class like Klingons that can be high dps no matter what the class but Nausicaans have the peak capacity to do more damage than most any race if setup properly with passives but there is one condition you must have yourself moderately put into stealth to generate enough exposure to use an exploit attack against targets so the omega set cloak and the smoke grenades are very helpful here.

Letheans: One of my personal favorites and recommend tactical because the tactical skills are the only ones that increase their telepathic skills which aliens can also get telekensis but only Letheans get the Rapture skill with combination of the doff Dr. Sibak from the friday 13th mission and tactical initiative spec to max the 20 second duration of that skill allows Rapture to be used non stop for the whole 20 second duration. As well rapture is 100% shield penetration and 40% chance unresistable stun. The only counters to this are passives and consumables that resist or prevent psionic damage some examples like the embassy consumables, the personal shield from Skirmish reward, and the passives that resist it can't remember the names of them off hand.

Gorn: Gorn are a little bit slower than most but they have the highest natural melee passive without any special conditions as well they have plasma resistance which I did notice did get nerfed some way back when but I assume that was to do with STF's since mine I had standard issue gear from where you get it at commander and tanked fine on my gorn sci even in elite LOL. But trust they are as deadly as they look (Also the gorn bite skill is awesome except being is it counts as a melee and a radiation/toxin attack it was never updated to the melee 80% shield penetration that everything else melee except for sweeping attacks which I am going to generate a threat on these two things to get it some attention because its been months and still not fixed, but borg can adapt to the non melee damage portions of the bite which will say radiation.)

Liberated borgs are nice but they need work TBH they have borg neural blast which helps if you set their passive design up with melee which keeps targets from backing up out of melee range but things like when it says Liberated Borg Klingon and then it tells me the traits I picked are from the Liberated Borg Human trait pool it just reminds me more and more of the cut and paste that KDF always gets with new content

I think that touches base on all or majority of what the pros and cons are to using each race with the KDF. There are some fed races that are about even or come close, and some like bolian vs gorn the bolians can poison the gorn if they bite them (but I think in 2 years i've only seen one or two bolians). The most part tho KDF was originally setup as a pvp faction which was close to a year before my time I had just came along into the KDF after there was a few things PvE to do. Again overall the KDF has fewer options but in retrospect they do have a lot more when it comes to what we have there are just a few issue that really need to be fleshed out along with making the KDF experience feel like being in the Klingon Defense Force

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