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01-29-2013, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
No you see insults are usually baseless, hapless and lying are descriptors in this case.

They were hapless with Season 7, they willfully pushed a half finished update onto Holodeck even after thread after thread from Tribble testers (who are unpaid may I add) who warned them about serious bugs and issues as well as ridiculous and outlandish price structures for Reputation items.

They ignore them all and pressed ahead, the result a botched update that the community revolted against, thus forcing them to make changes.

They did lie or at least deceive or misinform... we were told that the lack of Dilithium as end reward for STF's was an oversight and that on Holodeck STF's would have Dilithium as an end of mission reward. When Season 7 hit Holodeck there was none, and we were informed by the team they there would be none. Once again only because of players complaining that they were eventually kept their word.

I'm sorry but you shouldn't run a business let alone and update deployment like that. Or at least if you do don't let you customers know how unprofessional you are.

And finally I sink vast sums of money into this game and honestly I complain to protect the game and push for it to reach the potential it has.

Ultimately, the game is a vehicle for Cryptic and PWE to make money and the bottom line is profit, if they could make vast sums of money by introducing gambling items like lockboxes they will. The players on the other hand are stakeholders and they want to protect the enjoyment of the game it's that simple (whilst devs may have good intentions and aspirations the bottom line is the key factor)
You're right with much of what you say, the issue I have is with your use of the word "lie". This is a deliberate falsification of the truth for whatever reason. I think that far more often these guys and gals are firefighting, they have tough deadlines and mistakes are made. We pay their salaries indirectly but the people who pay them directly are the ones calling the shots. If they hear that, for example S7 has not been released, there would be hell to pay and people's heads may roll. On the other hand if the Devs release S7 in the best state they can given the time contraints it is us that start crying, but they know we won't leave and as long as they make efforts to put right the issues people have, all will be well: ergo S7 launches, paymasters are happy, devs can clean up the mess in the following few days which they did.

It's very easy to be an armchair critic, try stepping into their shoes and see how difficult it is to juggle the demands of their paymasters, the players and their own personal lives.

This is the issue I have with the, as a poster said above, virulent posts that are appearing here. Nothing that has happened has been game breaking with the exception of yesterday's technical connection problem, there was lots to learn about and explore whilst the devs fine tuned the release. The problem is a severe lack of understanding and tolerance from what I suspect are fairly young contributors.

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