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# 1 Fleet Patrol escort ship build
01-29-2013, 09:15 AM
Hi all, need some help with my build. I have a fleet patrol escort which has the following layout.

Skills here >

The ship has advanced fleet AP DHC x3
Advanced fleet Q torp
Advanced fleet AP turrets x3

I also have the XII MACO set.
Engineering consoles = 3x Blue XI Neutronium alloy + Assimilated console
Science consoles = 2x Blue XI Field Generator
Tactical consoles = 4x Blue XI AP Mag regulators

Energy Weapons to reduce cannon attack CD
Projectile weapons officer
Shield Distribution Officer
Warp core engineer
Damage control engineer

All are blue quality.

My BOFF layout is in the STOA skill planner layout. I would welcome any help in improving this. I know its far from perfect.

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