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01-29-2013, 01:26 PM
My main suggestion: Go with 5x tactical energy consoles, not 4 energy + 1 torp console. This maximizes shield removal and total DPS since torps are not effective until shields are down.

Regarding BOFF layout, here is what I use:

Ensign Univ: EPtS1
Commander Tac: TT1, CSV1, HYT3, AP-Beta3
Lt.Tac: TT1, CSV1
Lt.Eng: EPtS1, Aux2SIF1
Lt.CmdrSci: HE1, ST1, GW1

DOFSS: 3 Attack Pattern Conn-doffs, 2 Projectile Weapon Officers

Gravity Well pulls targets into a smaller cluster while CSV's pummel all of them. The steady stream of high-yield Romulan Hyper-plasma torps eventually starts a chain-explosion of ships in close proximity. This results in the highest possible DPS for multiple target situations. It also works well vs. single target. This past weekend, I finished 2nd place in fleet actions once -- the rest were 1st-place wins.

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