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01-29-2013, 05:42 PM
Just something I saw on slashdot a moment ago that I really think should be shared.

Fairly recently, our rival game EVE online saw a 3000 player pvp battle take place.

I'm not joking. THREE THOUSAND players in one instance all shooting at each other in one map. Pretty crazy to think that shortly after that happened our servers have been acting crazy bonkers.

I'd like to hear the opinions of some of the devs on this. You too dear reader, I'd like the opinions of all on this news!

Ps. Hopefully all is well soon. Praise be to the holy hamsters!


Also, it would be appreciated if the links to our "MOVED" threads lead to the location they were moved to, rather than just leading to the next thread in that forum
At the very least, some indication of what had been done with the threads would be appreciated!

Perhaps "state of the game" was a poor choice of title. :/
Hmm, seems the mods moved this here from STO discussion and retitled it "eve". How boring.

Additional pics and details courtesy of pcgamer
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ARC: A way to Redeem Codes

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