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01-29-2013, 07:07 PM
thisisoverlord : In what way are these passive grinder missions doing any damage to story missions?

Look at it from the point of view of an author who understands that a large portion of the playerbase does not even understand how to search the list. All they see at the top are the grinder missions.

Someone new who comes to the Foundry looking for story with an incomplete understanding of the search tool, will not be able to find the missions they are looking for, and leave.

and if you believe they are.. In what way are they doing more damage than active grinder missions that you are fine with?

They are doing more damage because these , I call them pinatas now, far outnumber even the legitimate grinder missions. It's pure arithmetic. There are just SO many of them, that

Honestly, I have said it multiple times, I have no problem with someone reaching that drop limit on elite actually fighting their way through a grinder mission, wave after wave, and returning home with the spoils. Heck, I can even see how that would be fun.

I gotta go play some tabletop superheroes now.
Try not to kill each other while I'm gone, okay.

Seriously, if everyone, myself included, would just take a step back.
I think we have all made our cases known at this point and we are arguing the same thing again and again to the point that we have stopped listening to each other.

We all love this game, obviously. Listen to how passionately we are arguing about it.
lets put some of that passion toward working together to find a solution that can be acceptable and not hurt anyone.

Hark, I hear Freedom City calling me. I can converse no longer.

Start playing nice , or I'll activate my signal watch and call the Big red S.

Night All

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