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# 1 The Good Pug
01-30-2013, 10:16 AM
I know it is kind of crazy to say a good pug but we have all been one or with one, what makes a good pug. I?m sure most of us know how to be a good team mate but for some I think they may get lost or discouraged. Here is are chance to give out that info.

I know when I enter an arena I look to see who my team is and the team I'm facing most of the time I know a few of the players and their style. I let my team know if there is an ace on the opposite team or if they are premade. If u know that one of ur team mates is high dps focus on him so that u can pick his trgt up quickly, If ur a sci find a tac to support ur sensor scan and his alpha is a deadly combo heal him, slow his trgt, sub nuke that sucker that?s got 50 buffs on him, they will love u for it and often friend u because of it.

Stay with the group resist the urge to break formation heals will come if ur supporting others if u find u lack the dps and strength to hold I fire fight try increasing ur engine power till u can upgrade your weapons and become more maneuverable and there for harder to hit try to turn ur weakness into ur strength.

It has taken many of us years in this game to learn some of this, many of us never had the kind of help the people at boot camp are offering use it to ur advantage.

I would like to thank the fine people at pvp boot camp for coming up with this all never have I seen a game where the community gets to decide how they want the game to be played, Grats on a Great Job

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