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I'm obviously talking about the Romulan Embassy ones. I remember seeing notes about how the shield capacity consoles are overused, so they didn't want to make it even more awesome. The shield regeneration rate ones were also not added, possibly the same reason, but I didn't think they were that overused. My main desire is to get Biofunction Monitors added to the list of consoles we can use. We have stealth/sensor consoles, but not biofunction monitors? Most people say crew regen rate isn't important, but I like using all human boffs and having a pretty good hull regen rate. Losing all my crew to torps/ship explosions is annoying and I'd prefer to use the crew regeneration consoles instead of the shield emitter ones, as I don't use shield healing skills that often. I'm not sure if they weren't added because they aren't a primary stat console or something, but I think they should be added for more variety. I think most people get the shield emitter ones because most other consoles are specific to a few skills/players.

I want to make it clear that I'm talking about the Science Console - Biofunction Monitor, not the Engineering Console - Emergency Force Fields, which resists crew deaths.
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01-28-2013, 09:47 PM
Unlikely. The New Romulus gear is just a half-hearted attempt at pretending to try to make useless science gear more attractive without wanting to even try and figure out why nobody is using them to begin with.
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Originally Posted by vyktori View Post
The shield regeneration rate ones were also not added
This is the one I was disappointed by; I didn't expect field generators to be added as +20% shields is a pretty significant boost on its own, and well beyond other science consoles IMO, but a regen rate console with plasma infused and threat scaling would have been nice as a bonus to starship shield emitters is barely noticeable, and it's not as if regeneration is a no-brainer stat either as most shield regeneration comes from abilities anyway, it doesn't even stack anyway and the best you can get (+15%) isn't a massive boost as I mentioned.

So I would personally like to see the Shield Emitter Amplifier added to the Embassy console selection. It might also be nice to see some of the unused (or very infrequently used) science consoles scaled up in what they do; skill boosts from consoles aren't all that amazing except in very specialised builds, and even then there are plenty of universal consoles you're more likely to put in science slots anyway (at least, I am). They really need to have their bonuses improved across the board (not just on the embassy variety), along with power setting engineering consoles (most of which are out-shone by item-set bonuses anyway).
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01-30-2013, 05:38 PM

This is a thread with suggestions I have for making the useless consoles more useful. It ties in with what haravikk was saying.

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