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if they bring the effects of the beam weapons and other weapons back to the way they were post launch then it might make pvp and more far more interesting, the percentages for the effect each weapon speciallises in is almost nonexistant, I miss when tetryon actually did damage to shields more than they do,and polaron doesn't drain power like it used to, disruptors don't do the hull damage it used to.

Right now every weapon is the same in damage, par scaled damage, only difference is chances to do some actual effective damage to different things like shields and power, that and the color.

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Both energy weapons and projectiles need to support multiple or staged damage types. For example, plasma weaponry actually has both energy and kinetic damage components. However, STO treats all plasma beams as energy-only-damage and all plasma torpedoes as kinetic damage. Canon phasers are supposed to be part energy-beam, part particle beam... yet STO only treats it as energy.

Implementing multiple damage types on existing weapons will add more variety and better weapon depiction. For example, a borg anti-shield torpedo could actually be implemented for player-use instead of the generic NPC shield-neutralizer that is present now.
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Were trying to get more weapons for the May seasion including ultra rare items like

Sulu's Fencing sword (Federation)
Varon-T Disruptor (Klingons)
Ferengi Disruptor
Ferengi Disruptor Rifle
Hirogen Disruptor Rifle
Hirogen Talon
Bajor beam pistol
Bajor Rifle

These are just a few weapons on my list.
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Releasing a weapons pack with more than two weapons seems like a smart idea to me.
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