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I want to start a little contest. As you can guess from the title, you need to build a custom interior for the Vesta-Class to participate. Since we can't really design bridges, it's up to you, if you want to try to build one. What I would like to see are: The shuttle-/hangar-bay, main-engineering, a cargo-bay and your version of a lounge-area.
It would be also nice, if your map could explain why launching one wing of fighters takes so much time for the Vesta...

Since this contest is inofficial, I can only offer commodities for the winner. 25x Contraband will be mailed to the 1st place (this is not trading).

I hope Cryptic will take this contest as an opportunity and release the cleaned winner-map as an official map. They could also offer a little higher reward (if I get an ingame-mail from Bran Flakes, I'll mail the Contraband to him and let him handle the contest).

All maps have to be released as Foundry-Projects and announced in this thread until 15th Febuary.

If Star Trek Online was an Open-Source (GPL) Game, we would have a low-grind fork.

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