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01-22-2013, 09:26 PM
Love the site, btw. I need to roll another Caitian.
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01-22-2013, 09:45 PM
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Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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01-23-2013, 12:29 AM
Sry Sumghai, I didnt know this would agro u this, so many references :O

Yes, I admit it, I advertised my website in a few places...I thought people would like to know about it. Didnt think that was frowned upon. =U.U=
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01-23-2013, 07:41 AM
Let's try to keep the thread on topic, okay?

This is not the place to discuss someone's personal website.

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01-23-2013, 10:08 AM
The Bluegeek is right, this thread is about reporting things to watch out for, in the game. Mostely items that are malfunctioning, descriptions that are misleading and things that have glitches. ...etc.

here is another one I have had since I bought it, let me know if anyone else has had this problem. Maybe we can get someone to fix it. I bought the playable Caitian back in beta, and have never been able to label any uniform ive made, at first it kept saying error when I would type it in, but after season 5, they fixed the error message, but it still doesnt allow me to label any Caitian or now Ferisan I have.

Also both my main cats have ships that cant use the veteran material for the ship, this is for the D'kyr Vulcan ship and the Kar'fi carrier. Has anyone else had this problem?
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01-23-2013, 10:56 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if alien ships don't allow the veteran material since it looks Starfleet or KDF. I believe alien ships don't even include the standard materials that the regular ships get. I know that the Kar'Fi gives two choices that either are for that particular ship or for all Fek'Ihri ships that might exist.
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01-23-2013, 11:08 AM
True, my ferengi is ship is the same way. I never tried it on my Caitian Carrier yet. While the D'kora has a cool and convenient inside for earning, they lack trophy space, u would think being for ferengis they would allow u to show off your latinum trophys. PLus have you noticed some alien ships have unique bridge and some dont, I was dissapointed not to see a cat bridge for my caitian carrier =U.U=

Before you open a ship pack, read up on it, make sure your not getting a standard box of crackers! You can always sell it for an insane amount on the exchange...I paid 150 million for my Ferengi ship =$.$= I would use the Ferengi ship but it is missing 2 science abilities I need for dealing with borg.
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01-23-2013, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by catstarsto View Post
I started this thread to get people to report things they find so no one loses out on messed up or item traps.
One that surprised me back in the day was the ship holograms available from the GPL store. They are consumable, with a total time they can be operating before they disappear. You can toggle them on and off, but if you leave them toggled on and log out the clock continues to run down.

This is true of the new personal holograms and some of the vanity summonables, too (like the Reman Entourage from the Romulan reputation project).
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01-23-2013, 01:57 PM
I started this thread to get people to report things they find so no one looses out on messed up or item traps.

I have to start off with the Borg cutting beam, even though it never says its a unique item, it will allow you to only use one per ship. So consider this when spending your hard earned mats. My plan was to have 2 torps forward and back, then use 2 cutting beams, but it wont allow you. (edited)

Please share anymore item traps you find, to help others out. -Cat
no offense or rudenes, but, Set Pieces are always unique, and has always been that way, so there was neevr an item trap there, maybe someone who is new to the game and just learning the Mechanics of how things work.
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01-31-2013, 01:26 AM
I have played for a while, and going off the original Borg sets freedom, I took for granted the fact I could add 2 modules to my ship before. I figured I would be able to add 2 cutting beams as well.

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