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01-31-2013, 06:31 AM
I use the MU star cruiser from the Tholian Lock box and it has replaced the oddy I used and even though it's a engineers ship I use it effectivly as a science character in PVE and PVP
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01-31-2013, 06:38 AM
Here is a vid of my fav thing from a lockbox
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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Heh, the Florcha is a sweet ship, but the dread carrier is going to out DPS it all day and night.

Hell, I out DPS every Florcha I see in my Atrox for crying out loud, a dread carrier is going to mop the floor with it. Yes, I'm good in my Atrox and most people just aren't that good at all... but still...

And PvP? Why would I waste my time on an usupported mini-game in a genre of game based around co-operative action? PvP and MMO is a joke. PvP and P2W MMO is a double joke. When I play a PvP game I prefer things to be on an even keel, so only skill rules the day, not what class/ship/power is FotM and how much cash somebody has dropped on their rig. Plenty of games out there that actually offer a robust PvP experience, I wouldn't waste my time in a half-assed approximation of a real test of skill.

YMMV, but P2W PvP isn't my idea of a skill test.

Edit: To try and stay on topic, if I could snap my fingers for a lockbox ship, I'd likely pick the JHAS, D'Kora, or Galor. JHAS because I'm a carrier junky and it would make me invest in a dread carrier. Galor because Spiral Wave Disruptors are argueably the best beams in the game. D'Kora because I love them. I don't even remember their stats. I just want one =P
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