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# 1 A way to Spice Up PVP
01-31-2013, 07:48 AM
Now we all know PVP sucks...hell even the devs said it.

and no offense to most of this game but even with foundry ( lotsa great missions there )
it is still a little stale after the same pattern is repeated over and over and over again.

so I thought of something a while back which was a massive PVP grid which could be controled by fleets and (klingon) Houses, essentially it would allow fleets to control key areas in resources for starbase building. thus allowing them to put personal or fleet bank resources into building defenses, posting ships, etc.

but it was infeesable due to the size of the grid and how people would get to play it/control it.

so I thought of an adaptation which might suit more people and allow specific groups to use it.

it would have a simple transwarp gate to an abandoned borg sector ( abandoned long ago because janeway blew up the only way to it from the borg side. ) this sector would in fact be large, but not large enough to show every player capturable territory, instead this would be set up to have systems be the entry point into, nebulas, clusters, planetoids, micro stars, asteroid fields. etc.

with that in mind, I belive it would have to have an incentive for players who do not like being in a fleet, which would be simple, it would allow players on top level to have a maximum of 3 territories, each territory would allow this one account to refine 500 extra dilithium a day.

now some people think that 500 extra dilithium a day refinement may be exploited and op, fret not, for that wouldnt be so easy, you have to construct refinement centers on each territory (simple rep system addition) costs some EC and some other materials. and the other part is simply, you gotta be able to hold the territories to keep that bonus.

as for fleets, it allows a maximum of 20 territories to be held, and with advanced projects, the territories can be used to build defenses, trade posts, and dilithium mines/refineries to automate fleet projects at a steady rate, this I feel would allow more of a dynamic PVP level as well as a few PVE scales, (random attacks by raiders, pirates, and even ferengi)

each system from the Sector map, would in fact be representitive to multiple territories in that sector, so you would enter one sector and be given access to multiple beacons which represent more territories, there would be a total of 1000 territories, each one randomly generated by the engine like the random explore missions, but with different variables.

to show ownership of a system, when you warp into an owned system, either a fleet beacon with the fleet logo is displayed in front of you (like wolf 359 disply) or a player avatar stands in a large holo.

it would also give a bonus to fleets that own a certain ammount of territories, a 100 extra dil refinement per territory, they can even have the option of moving their entire starbase into one of the territories for a much larger boost in defense.

i know it is not likely to happen and that most of this is just a pipe dream, but I feel it has tremendous potential to give STO an edge in the dynamic PVP world.

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