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01-31-2013, 08:04 AM
My main gripe with PvP, and possibly with the system as a whole, is the general disparity between defense and offense. A cruiser with 5 eng slots can not slot them all with resistance consoles because of diminishing returns. An escort with 5 tac consoles, OTOH, can stack them all fully without any diminishing effects. In ground, a Tac can "SUPER BUFF" their damage to one-shot anyone while there is no way to "SUPER BUFF" defense or resistance even for a very short period of time. There are a few different ways to address the issue and I believe they should be discussed.

On a similar note, considering resistance diminishing returns, I think that skills that debuff resistance are way too strong. Fire on my Mark can mostly nullify resistance armors. This is more noticeable on ground where you can only equip a single armor.

I also think that all bad statuses and disables should always be resistable by applicable passive skills. Any skill that is unresistable in any way is a strong candidate to be OP. Case in point: Sub-Nucleonic Beam. It is not resistable, just counterable (Science Team).

Respawn points need to be revisited to prevent spawncamping. Respawning under fire and dying in the next second (because you're disabled for a few seconds) is becoming quite common, specially in ground. Also, respawning together with an enemy should never happen.

I'm glad Pounce and Lunge are going to share cooldowns. Pounce already does LESS damage than Lunge, so no damage reduction is needed, like it has been suggested. Additionally, Pounce does not seem to benefit from Melee Crit DOFFs (its tooltip doesn't show those effects, while Lunge's does), and I believe it should, being a Melee skill. But it might just be a tooltip issue.

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