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# 1 Romulan/Reman Sets
01-31-2013, 02:30 AM
Cryptic updated the Jem set to reasonable stats (thumbs up) mentioning that it will not be better than the rep sets. My feeling is that it is way better than Romulan/Reman sets.

Hence, the question is why don't you show the same love to those sets as well by first changing the stats of each set and the 2 piece-3 piece bonuses? e.g. Reman a bonus to disruptor weapons (10%), Romulan a bonus to plasma (10%) (or the opposite), 3 piece a resistance proc to shields or a good enhancement to plasma dot effect or both in moderate amounts, like 10% resistance to damage to shields stacks 5 times and 10% increase to plasma dot stacks 5 times for plasma focus set (Romulan) and 2,5% increase in damage stacks 5 times for disruptor focus set (Reman).

Then the stats on the deflectors, just 5 categories same with the Jem set and Maco/Omega 6. I believe that it is a rep set so category bonuses should be 6.

An additional bonus for the engines, Jem has the weapon power. A 2.5 increase in AUX and 2.5 in shield system will be a nice addition.

And of course the shield. No additional bonuses. Why you do not put the Covariant Capacitiance Cell with a 10% for XII level, 7,5% for XI and 5% for X.

Cryptic based Season 7 to Romulus. Make a good update for Romulan and Reman space sets. By making them rep acquire, they deserve to be MACO/OMEGA/KHG equivalent good.

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# 2
01-31-2013, 08:34 AM
They could instead make the two reman/romulan sets give a good bonus if used together at different levels.


2-piece reman set (shield/engine/deflector set) + 2 piece romulan weapon set (console+hyper plasma torp) =

+15% bonus to plasma projectile damage
+20% speed to heavy plasma torpedoes -or- -2 seconds to plasma torpedo timer

same set as above but both 3-piece:

+30% bonus to plasma projectile damage
+20 % speed bonus to heavy plasma torpedo AND -2 seconds to plasma torpedo timer.

Considering the expenditure of slots and console allotment , this makes the sets worth using together and fits nicely with the 'theme'.

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