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01-31-2013, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
too much blah .....not enough wheeeeeeeee

is it may yet
While debating in another thread, I thought of not only allowing max Toons to defect based on Romulan Rep system, but also allow a Racial Spec retrait to Romulan. We can all be spies.

Sounds like wheeeeeeeee to me.
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01-31-2013, 10:40 AM
Recent blog posts and interviews reflect that the playerbase can expect some forward momentum with regards to the Romulan storyline. When might we actually see the new story-based material?

We will start talking about the Romulan story soon, but you may also get some teasers in any events or missions we release over the next few months.

STO underwent enormous game mechanics changes with the addition of the starbase and reputation systems. Can we expect any additional mechanics changes in 2013 or are you satisfied with focusing on adding new reputation factions?

We are mostly satisfied with the new systems that were introduced over the last year and instead of abandoning them, our plans in 2013 are to expand on both Reputations and the Fleet System. We will be introducing a new Fleet Holding and a new Reputation in our next update and have plans to add more towards the latter half of the year as well.

If we do make some additional system changes it would come in the form of PvP, crafting, or quality-of-life gameplay improvements. For the most part we are focusing on improving the game overall instead of introducing a big new system.

You've stated that you thought that the upcoming Season Eight release would be "big" for the Klingon faction. Do you have anything you can add to that?

We've stopped calling it a season for starters. When we look at all the time and energy being put into this next update, it feels like it's shaping into something much larger. While we haven't shared specifics yet, we will be detailing our plans for the Klingon faction in the coming months.

You've stated in the past that we will likely see an expansion of the new reputation system in the game. Can you provide us with any hints as to what factions may open up next? If not, what factions would you personally like to see developed in the reputation system that may not be on the drawing board just yet?

We do plan to release some new Reputations as mentioned and the ones at the top of our list are: PvP, Tholians, and Deferi. We feel that these would add a new dimension to those areas of content in the game and provide a source of cool new gear for captains.

All in all, based on everything that's been said recently - here and there - etc, etc, etc...

...I'd lean more toward no wheeeee! in the sense that people are hoping,but rather an overall wheeee! as far as where STO's headed.
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01-31-2013, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
The D'deridex tactics dont seem to indicate that, its a ship that usually decloaks and tries to end the fight without moving much, considering its size I would not think it can turn as fast as a Galaxy class, you are making it out-turn the Excelsior and the Soverign ... heck you are making it out-turn the Connie at 10 turn rate.

Likely its big, does not turn very well and its squishy and Galor BO? Dont think so at least certainly not a Eng Sci station, Lt. Cmdr Tac is a given due to the usual trick of TB -> HY III but NPC ships also use Viral Matrix and Photonic Shock Wave so at least Lt. Cmdr for Science as well, its Eng I suppose will take a hit.

it has shown to be very maneuverable for its size in the show, and judging by how it performed as a line ship in the dominion war, it should proboly act like a gigantic version of a bop. huge, lots of firepower, but fragile and not meant to be in a long engagement. despite what the npc uses, the ship should primarily be commander eng with strong tac.

since this is a new faction with new rules, how about this

COM eng
LTC tac
LTC sci
LT uni

8 turn
33000 hull
1.3 shield mod

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
The Valdore? lets not go over that one ... also its in the game already, Mogai class (novels decided to name it that)
fine mogai, whatever its called. it has like 3 or 4 fanon names, couldn't remember what the game called it. why would we not go over this one?

COM tac
LTC eng
LTC sci
LT uni
14 turn
29000 hull
1.2 shield mod

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I am sorry but if the centuries old venerable Romulan Bird-of-Prey that dates back to TOS have the same abilities as the Defiant I will die laughing.

No, its not like the Defiant because we already HAVE a Romulan Defiant ... the Valdore/Mogai.
the bops in game, just pretend the have nothing to do with ent and tat they are a recent design, completely. thats what i did a long time ago. you cant be serious right? the mogai as a defiant equivalent? the mogai is like 10 times the defients size at least, they should be nothing alike. and its not an escort, its a romulan heavy cruiser. but a destroyer type makes the most sense for it in game.

COM tac
LTC tac
LTC sci
LT eng
18 turn
24000 hull
1.2 shields

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I do not think we will ever get a Scimitar, the ship is far too powerful (we ARE talking about a ship that fought a Soverign class AND TWO Valdore at the same time) to be put on the players hands.
we have the jem dred and you don't think we would get the scim? thats funny. its also funny how over rated the scim is, because it could beat the sovereign, as if thats even starfleets toughest cruiser. if the enterprise D hadnt been destroyed, and had gotten its 20 year massive overhaul by then, i doubt it would have lost to a scim in a strait fight. or any 2379 galaxy class. the scim doesn't had the firepower of a d'deridex, it was certainly smaller too. the scim was a super weapon citadel more then a battle ship, it had a tone of weapon mounts and torp launchers, but they were all smaller guns or single shot launchers. the nose gun on a d'deridex could remove 10% of the galaxy's shields per hit, the scim's guns though numerous were far below that. its primarily a supremely shielded battleship chassis with most of its volume taken up by a super weapon with cruiser guns. i'll be generous for in game stats though

COM sci
LTC tac
LTC eng
LT uni

9 turn
30000 hull
1.5 shield mod
1 hanger

all can battle cloak, all can use DHCs
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Christ Drunk at that rate why on earth would anyone play Fed/Klinkydink? lol

vids and guides and stuff

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Nice, gimme gimme.

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Warbird cant have a cmnd eng as the warbird currently is using VM, PSW, and tractor. so it has to have both Sci Lt.cmnd and a Sci cmnd, Lt engie and lt. tact.
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I hope it's *NOT* a Romulan faction:

-A May release date doesen't give enough time to make a whole faction's worth of content, regardless of already have a lot of skins, ships, weapons, doffs and characters ingame to suck into it.

-The Klink faction needs finishing FIRST.
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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Warbird cant have a cmnd eng as the warbird currently is using VM, PSW, and tractor. so it has to have both Sci Lt.cmnd and a Sci cmnd, Lt engie and lt. tact.
Galaxy-X is using GW3 and stuff...
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**** finishing the KDF faction. It'll never happen, so bring on the Romulans.

Who plays PvE in this game anyhow, lol. I just want to fly that factions ships and get a new taste of PvP.

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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Who plays PvE in this game anyhow, lol.
Oooohhh, only the majority of the player-base!

I wants me a D'Deridex.

Though I don't see a Rommie faction happening in May...

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