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# 1 Star Trek PvP funnies
01-31-2013, 04:17 PM
Star Trek PvP funnies

All things funny and somewhat related to PvP goes here!

My collection:
>>>Baby Era comics
Original Thread

>>>Other pictures:
Fed Carrier
Odyssey everywhere
Smelly Klingons

>Beta stuff:
Walking in space
PvP in (old) esd

>TSI movie posters:
The Final Spec
Pew Hard
Subnucleonic Beam

>>>Youtube Videos
QEW theme song
QEW kills Jorf in non-combat zone
Linty and Era
It's a me, Kharn
Kharns Death
TSI vs Pandas
Era: the movie, 2nd Video
DOB vs Pug with no shields
FAW is not OP?
Mikey dies to a t3 ship
Angry Pirates

>>>Hidden Links:

That's all I could think of right now.

Anyways, post things you find amusing! Old, new, doesn't matter!

.The Spanish Inquisition.
TSI -- Star Trek Online PvP Vidoes (Youtube) --
/channel_join OrganizedPVP If you are interested in learning PVP, looking for a team, or a private match.

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