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I was thinking what would make for a good bundle down the road and this pack got me thinking:

The Lost Ages Bundle

- The Post-Enterprise-C, Pre-TNG S1 Uniform (seen in Voyager's episode "Coda")
(It's a hybrid of WoK and TNG S1, which you see better in long shots of Janeway's dad. Has WoK piping on the back.)

- Enterprise-C uniforms.

- One of the many extra WoK variants like security uniforms

- Another TNG S1 Admiral uniform

- Enterprise-B/Excelsior Ship Interior

- A ship inspired by how the Ambassador is a half-step between the Connie and the Galaxy. I'm picturing a half-step between the Excelsior and the Sovereign with elongated Ambassador-style nacelles. (Maybe as an Excelsior costume variant?)

- An Ambassador-inspired shuttlecraft.

- Scaling TNG S1 phasers

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