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Devs this will be very constructive and I sware no disrespect at all.(Please will a dev please post in my thread about how they view it.)
  • Engame Curencys that effect the market.
    -dilithium (no issue with cap since I hit it on multiple chars.)
    -ec(ill explain how to fix below.)
    -zen(I have no issue spending as you guys have done a great job with ships.)
  • Drops and how this can be fixed
    As it is now mk 11 drops are pretty much the loot you get at 50,(some mk 12s but very rare and no consoles as drops-which drives prices of consoles up cause of the doff mission and zen being only way to get them)
  • different ways to make money now,
    Drops-the drops arnt worth much and most of the grind vs the payout just isnt worth it(not saying we should be millionaires in one day but people should be able to get stuff off the exchange with out working on game like its a job.)

    Selling zen items-this I support as it supports the game and gets ec up, but some familes cant do this option much, its not like me who spends hundreds to get the ships he wants. this is a good way to make ec (I just put here to state its a way to make ec.)

    Console making-This is pretty much a hit or a miss and thier needs to be either a crafting do over or thier needs to be better ways to get the consoles people need(weather it cost dil to craft or a special c-store item.

    Selling Doffs
    only doffs that sellible are zstore storeand you guys have added rediculous dil cost to killing doffs that hinder it.
  • Different ways to incorperate better ways to fit better mmo styles.
    STF's and other missions should give ec as a reward, this would help those who like to grind make it like 100,000 ec . We need to make this currency more obtainible to players so they can do base stuff and rep stuff while keeping the ability to help fleet obtain items in the game.

  • Merchant in game-thier are people who money grind now(I do it) but thats the fun of it, people should beable to get stuff they need without grinding for months. and burning so much out they quit the game. We can incorporate times of the day where missions could give ec as well besides tour of duty.
  • costs of items/projects
    cost for fleet stuff is ridiculous. and needs a reality check, most fleets in this game are small and even if thier large most members are inactive with real life stuff. We need to make special projects 100k, and upgrade maybe 200k? embasy upgrades shouldnt be in the mils for each upgrade. cause the amount of dil isnt even able to get realistically for small fleets, and I and most small fleets are not buying 800$ worth of zen to get bases done, I have spent alot and I will always spend to help but most cant and just because I have a good job doesn't mean every one does. also let us buy stuff in stacks of 100 as its old buying 1 torpedo at a time.

  • reason im posting
    To help devs learn how an average hard working person feels about how economy works and to better help you learn how to get people to buy and grind so they dont burn out on such a lovely game.
  • Recap
    -what currency drives markets(mostly due to pvp)
    -ec needs to be added to missions/add ec to stfs/more ec top pvp.
    -cut fleet project cost its killing some fleets(especially special projects and embassy upgrades.)
    -add better way to get some gear.(consoles,Borg medical kit(bring this back), weapons that are mk 12.
    -put a buy 100 to all fleet items in the game.

    also to people who think I dont spend money on the game all accx3
    heres what I use

    Please devs post and give your views as I am also a business man and would love to hear how you as a company view these ideas.
    thanks for 3rd anniversary and as always support the game guys and buy a few zen,

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