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# 1 Assult Cruiser build Please :D
02-01-2013, 03:27 AM
Hello guys:

I have an under performing assult cruiser lets say, while its fine for tanking ( a fleet mate helped with that) But I feel like it could be something more..My charc is a VA eng with perks for warp core and crit hit..( i m not at home so I can not give you my charc build)

At the moment I m going through changing to dist and plasma hybird beam banks is there anything I can do to get its DPS pushed up

My BOFF skills are
Tach:2xtacteam1 1x faw(beam array)
Eng:2x emgpts,1x acet beam, 1xEpw,2xrspl
Sci:1x polhul1, HEII

My issue is I see other people with the same ship I have and it dancing and I feel like I ve taken the wrong advise, I love to experiment and everything...but each time I told to stop it cos I fly a cruiser its supposed to do that, fly around very slowly and fire beams that seem to do nothing but give you a massive head ack in terms of power..tac team don't really help me much with this ethoir particaly when firing all 8, its fine when EPS is on or weops battery or something to control it. I try to ration those BOFFs but its a pain in the butt.

I am consdering getting rid of one tact team for a torp spread paried of with a nice rare qunt torp, with critH/cirt D any throughts ?

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