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I am currently running a Haj (heghta) BoP, and it is loaded with borg heavy antiproton cannons, rapid fire transphasics and on the rear, the re is an antiproton turret, and a transphasic cluster torp.

Of course for stations i have the rapid fire, the scatter volley, and the same for torps (high yield and rapid fire)

Im a massive BoP fan, and all my ships so far Have been BoP, and i'm not planning to change it!

I am almost ready to get a fleet ship, however im in two minds whether to get the brel, and have an epic torp boat, or to keep a cannon/torp mix, and go for the Hoh'sus.

My playing style is hit hard, cloak and repeat, for most of the time anyway.

What would be your choice?

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