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# 1 For the Jem'hadar QQ'ers
02-01-2013, 06:14 AM
I'm getting a litte tired about this topic, so lets made some points clear. This ship need a balance is right, but not as hard as all the QQ are screaming

I will quote one of the qq'ers post for make this easy:

Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
1- Highest turn-rate of all escorts, excluding raiders.
2- Aside from Escort Carriers, the highest HP of all escorts.
3- Shield Rating of 1, while most other escorts tend to have around 0.9
4- Two universal boff slots
5- 5 tactical console slots
Benefits from Jem'Hadar Space Set

In other words, for an escort the ship has no flaws. Other ships at the very least tend to trade defensive stats for offense or turn rate etc. In this case... it's an OP ship and the whole community knows it.
The Jem'hadar attack ship is the only special ship that don't have any unique console/weapon/Ability (galor, d'kora, tholian orb, tholian recluse, temporal ships, etc...all of them have something "special"), so what can they add to the ship for make it interesting? stats.

1 - Yes, is right, defiant have 17 and jemmy have 20. But defiant have the cloacking ability, jem'hadar have no speciall ability. Maybe 18-19 is a good turn rate value for balance, 1 point of BASE TURN rate is a huge diference for and escort

2 - Irrelevant, we all know that escorts survialbly depends 100% on shield tanking and speed, a litle more of hull is totaly irrelevant, that won't make u "OP".

3 - Yes but other escort can (and should) stack 2 o 3 Field generator consoles, in the end the jem'hadar is the escort with less shield in the game.

4 - So? There are plenty of ships in this game with 1 or 2 Universal boffs, and 99% of the jemhadar captians use the same layout as the fleet patrol escort. I see no problem here.

5 - Defiant have 5 too (plus can use the cloack for an deadly alpha strike), and i don't see anybody crying about that.

And what about the wells? is better than any other sci ship in the game and i don't see the QQ Army talking about it.

There are more important issues with pvp balance, so please stop the flood in the balance topics so we can keep them clean as posible
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