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02-01-2013, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by afreeby View Post
I'm a VA Sci, and I skilled up poorly.

I've got all ground and space points allocated, but still have 1000 skill points left to allocate.

I filed a GM ticket - ID #1,459,184, but have not received a reply.
Sorry to say this but this is classic of players that do not understand the skill system.

You do have 1000 points to allocate just cant allocate them where you want them. I assume this is space. Why? Because you already hit the space allocation limit. You must put those points in ground and you dont want that.

Use the skillpoint planner and put points in ground in early ranks so you can have points for space at the max level boxes.

Its not easy to figure out but its the way to do it.

Sadly, you are out of luck. This is a case of ignorance causing an undesirable outcome. You will not get a free respec nor your skills 'fixed'. You need to use that respec token wisely now.

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