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Originally Posted by ehsrad View Post
Cant get into tribble either...what a bummer lol
Originally Posted by ragestroke008 View Post
No comments are good comments!

Seriously, was the restart because people were spamming those balloon guns?
Probably, since it's lagging tribble now as well as a result.
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Originally Posted by lex1con View Post
I've seen an awful lot of ******** and moaning over the past week.
We ALL have high standards for the games we want to play and down time is an unfortunate side effect of trying to provide a service to match those expectations. Instead of moaning why don't you congratulate the guys at Cryptic for coming up with a game that get you so passionate and angry when you cant play.

I for one am thankful that their are people out there that have the imagination and courage to put and idea like STO out to the whole world.

I think considering the size of the project and the amount of demand their systems must put up with, they are doing a great job. When you consider their systems are up and running for more than 300 days a year 24 hours a day. in the grand scheme of things those stats are really good.

And I as an IT Systems Consultant would be very happy with that.

Your doing a great job Crypic Guys Keep it up. Its a great game.
Well said!! I don't normally post on here or anywhere for that matter but this deserves a comment. I've played a lot of games online and STO has had the very best track record for minimal down time. These guys are doing an awesome job and indeed should be praised. Keep up the great work Cryptic.

Everyone please bear with them as this is no small feat that they keep it all running as smoothly as they do.
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Originally Posted by issvanora View Post
bleeeh being trolled by Devolpers!
but BBC UK has Red dwarf
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The restart is complete


Brandon =/\=
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