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02-01-2013, 02:58 PM
Paid expansion. Will you (pay to) march beneath the raptor's wings (for the new [mini]faction?)?
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02-01-2013, 03:02 PM
Hey Alecto, how about condincing that conversation to just Stahl and those asking the questions?

Sure some people would like their privacy.
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02-01-2013, 03:02 PM
So, the Borg finally met their match, and it was PWE.

I will max tip with all my characters anyone who makes a good foundry missions based on that and tells me about it.

But yeah, I think that's one lock box I can say I will be missing out on. Though I said that about this one and here I am, grinding away. I really do wish there were more racial ships besides the vulcan ones and the "enemy" ships from lock boxes. The Star Trek universe is more than starfleet and the KDF, even within the Federation and the Empire.

And Fleet Ambasador and KDF one as well, yes please.

And I really, really hope that if this isn't a new romulan faction they tell us now.
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02-01-2013, 03:03 PM
[10:30] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to support your choice UI coloring

[10:30] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are fairly confident the launcher issue from earlier this week is resolved after working all week with the ISPs to track down the routing issues

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: More Fleet Ships are coming - I don't have the list

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Bridges - Maybe - but they are low priority

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Email me if you think a mission timer is wrong - we'll fix it

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Delta before Gamma

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Galaxy will get Saucer Sep - damnit!

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Real customizeable interiors is a goal but about a year off from reality

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We do plan to retrofit older events like CE and Kerrate - we may not revamp them, but may take concept and remake them

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Bugkeeping is constant - we release bug fixes every week

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I've GOT FAITH OF THE HEART>......

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: STFs in the latter part of the year if all goes according to plan

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: email me specific cases and fleet info if your fleet is in a weird state - I'll investigate

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Foundry on your ship is a ways off

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Older Fleet Actions will return at some point once they get remastering

[10:35] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to be adding more costume options for the next big update - more than normal

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Kits for KDF could be next season - it is potentially part of kit revamp

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are considering Risa for a future summer event

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Character Creation Options are getting an overhaul for next update

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are redoing our Character Creator for May - almost completely remade

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will continue to make missions around Trek - sometimes that will be story - sometimes that will be big ships duking it out

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: but we want to stay focused on "TREK"

[10:38] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: No current plans to reduce fleet ship prices

[10:39] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Existing character models will remain valid for next may

[10:39] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will lean towards fLeet marks being for fleet play only

[10:40] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: we have on our mid-term goals the revamp of BOFF abilities and training along with ship loadouts and ease of training

[10:40] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: If you have bugs that are causing you grief and feel they are criticial -= email me - we have a huge bug database - we continue to squash them weekly

[10:41] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Cryptic Designed Ships are coming - some in May

[10:41] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Refuses to be baited by KDF trolls - I said my peace earlier

[10:42] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I'll repeat - it is my personal goal to resolve factions in the game. If I coudl say more, I would

[10:42] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: C++

[10:43] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Level cap increases are in design right now - will happen over next 12 months or so

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Fleet Admiral will be max skillpoint cap - but there will be alternate advancement and future reps

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Fleet Maps for Foundry -= great idea - ZeroniusRex is the person to hit up for that

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Season 8 is dead to me - the May Update is bigger than a Season and will be called something else

[10:45] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Silver members will get access to ships at FAdmiral

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02-01-2013, 03:11 PM
Borg lockbox? Screw that.

I say a better idea is a series of VERSUS lockboxes using the same faction-neutral distribution method the Temporal ships used. The boxes themselves would be mostly faction-neutral but the higher end rewards would be faction-specific.

So, for example, an Orion vs Vulcan lockbox. Lesser rewards could be a unique Lirpa, a new robe costume w/ hood, a new dancer's belt, and a new style of anklet sandals with match wrist decorations.

The requisite weapons pack would contain Vulcan Disruptor ground gear and Orion Disruptor space gear. The ground gear could have a slow/placate effect, and the space weapons having an additional chance to proc to lower engine power on hit.

And finally your big rewards; Vulcan and Orion cruisers with tactical leans.

For the Lobi Store; Vulcan and Orion Escorts. The Orion Escort comes with a freebie low-grade Interceptors hangar.

Add a Vulcan console with some active power and an Orion hangar pet with unique abilities. Toss in a belt with an IDIC buckle for Feds and a new skirt for KDF in the costume category and a random weird pet and this thing is complete.

And you could do this for other major races. Tellaraite vs Nausicaan, Andorian vs Lethean, Caitian vs Ferasan. I'd be willing to bet even with the resources spent on KDf stuff, they'll make their money back. It's no different than any other themed lockbox, appealing only to a few niches at a time, and those sell well.
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02-01-2013, 03:12 PM
Very nice job dstahl

This is the sort of behaviour that keeps your fans and customers happy.
A nice little chat with some hints of things to come.

Well i don't know about other people but i am impressed and would like to say thanks for spending the time.

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02-01-2013, 03:20 PM
I thought at first it was the Romulan Adventure Zone, I was septical of a Romulan faction, but this seems to more or less confirm it. The Spotlight Video, more work with Denise aka Sela, the may update is bigger then a season (only a expansion pack type would be bigger).

The good news this means a full 1-50 Klingon faction, otherwise the Romulans wouldn't be coming, which means they are ahead of thier schedule on Klingon content because this desision would have to be made relatively early in the development of the update formily called Season 8.

Really now that they have a larger development team, more tools and the like, and the time to intergate them into the team, it makes sense that Sto would reach the tipping point, where this would happen.

If they can do 1.5 factions, plus stuff for the Federation side, in one update it bodes well for future updates.

I also find it interesting the there will be a borg lockbox, which means Borg ships.

Whose crew is going to want to serve on a borg cube? Creepy much!

First Contact day must be the spring festival they were talking about.

The starting point for thoughts on FCD (first contact day), is that one must start with themes. Obviously that would be first contact, spring, and new beginnings.

I'm thinking maybe it could explore the first contact not just of the Federation, but of both the Klingons and Romulans, or making first contact with a new race.

Plus a ship must be choosen as the First Contact day prize. What race says spring to you the way the Breen say winter?
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02-01-2013, 03:23 PM
[10:46] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Crew of Bortasq is part of a potential KDF storyline - no details to share yet

[10:46] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: There will be Seasons in the future - next update is not a season

[10:47] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: May = Big Update, then we go back to season for a while

[10:47] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Lifetime accounts will be on sale a couple times a year - don't have dates on me

[10:48] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Scimitar ship is reserved for any future Romulan Faction

[10:48] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Btw - I have 10 minutes before I have to go - I'm reading and responding as well as I can - if I don't get to your question email me:

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: more emotes - I've heard this is coming but I can't remember which emotes

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Classic Retrofits are possibly an idea for future Crafting

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Vet Rewards are at max for now, but we may reconsider that in the future

[10:50] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Vulcan ships - hmm... nothing in the works - if you have an idea, share

[10:51] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: New Subscriber Benefits are coming in May update

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Captains Table definitely needs love - no eta yet though - other subscriber and lt benefits being dicussed tho

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: May update is going to be awesome in my opinion

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: the teaser image was pretty cool

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Other Trek Game ships are tricky - they must have clearance from CBS for us to use them

[10:53] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Custscene editor for Foundry is something we've discussed but it is a ways off

[10:53] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Optional Objectives for Foundry is something we've always wanted, but it is tricky - we are asking Neverwinter if they can look into it since they have all the Foundry code going on at the moment

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Elite Forces was a great game

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Ent J is not going to happen according to CBS

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Re: Foundry Combat/Non-combat - we are looking into it, but for now rewards are based on other metrics - more filtering may be possible in future tho

[10:55] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Not sure when next Zen sale is - that is all Perfect World

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Again - if you didn't get your question answered or you missed the answer I gave previously - email me and I'll do what I can to respond

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I'm not at liberty to discuss May update in detail

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Must head out to work - enjoy the anniversary and we'll chat again soon

[10:57] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: AGAIN: EMAIL ME if you really have an issue that you feel is critical - I will do my best to investigate - DSTAHL@CRYPTICSTUDIOS.COM

[10:58] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Thanks - heading out - HERE"S TO 3 MORE YEARS OF STO!!! AND BEYOND!!!

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02-01-2013, 03:24 PM
I'm just glad the concept of a Season 8 is dead. I hated the idea of going beyond 7. It's not very Trekkish.
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02-01-2013, 03:27 PM
Did he seriously okay us emailing him directly with questions?


...if someone will help me format my Versus Lockbox idea properly, I'll credit you when I send it along.

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