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02-02-2013, 02:38 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
I'm very confused by your posts polie05.

You say it is not OP because it is rock to the paper. As in what kills other escorts also will kill it mainly referring to skilled cc play. Same thing that kills any escort.

Yet it still has superior stats to all other escorts. It has higher turn rate, a great hull/shield mod, etc etc. But that does not make it OP to you.

Then why would it be a huge deal, if you say that stuff does not matter, if the hull was reduced a tad, or the turn rate? That would not make it underpowered as it would still kill the things that all escorts can kill that being the vulnerable target.

Or are you ok with such a change, you just think that OP!!! claims are blown out of proportion?
The claims that it is OP are blown about of proportion. It only has 1 sci console which tends to lead poor shield and hull healing vs something like a defiant. One does not have to be in a escort to kill it, but again it takes soem work. A wells or modius (sp) can easily be on the same level as a bug if both pilots are of equal level. Its just a matter of play style. What your asking for is it weaken it below the norm, to make is like the Brel BoP. That BoP has a higher turn rate for what its worth. The average player who faces a skill player in a bug will creams its the bug, but when in fact its the player. The player can easily switch ships and still wipe the floor with you, its just that we (as skilled players) like pretty ships. (or in my case purple and we like to ERP at the Turks)

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