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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Hold up, the difference between Fleet ships and non-Fleet version is that "fleet ships do not come with a special console but typically have +10% Hull HP, +10% Shields and a 10th console slot." Besides EC cost that's it?

First, most cost Fleet Ship Modules and how you acquire them is not relevent, you might just buy then with Zen or from the Exchange but Fleet Ships still cost 20k Fleet Marks and a provision on top of modules, granted the Provision is taken from the Fleet and not the player but the Fleet Marks? they come from the player, same as Ship modules.

Second, they can equip its Zen Store version console meaning the Fleet Defiant can Cloak and the Fleet Galaxy can separate and so on as long you own the console, plus owning those ships get a discount meaning its a upgrade for the cost of 500 Zen if you own the ship were the minus is its a character unlock, not account so discharging it means you cannot just reclaim another ship.

Third, some ships dont come with a console but a build-in ability ... the Fleet B'Rel and the Fleet Excelsior come with its Zen Store build-in abilities, this made their cost in Fleet Modules higher (5 vs 4) but discount still applies (only 1 module), meaning you can actually buy a B'rel with EC using the Exchange route if you have a about 25-50 million EC to spare.

This is not counting the Aquarius and Hoh'SuS that cannot be found outside the Fleet system and that require a T4 Shipyard and the "anniversary" versions of the Odyssey and Bortas that dont cost modules, only FCs and provisions but they cost 10 times more FCs.

I could go go about the rest of the post but the fact is you STILL need 20,000 Fleet Marks minimum to buy ANYTHING. the argument that "you dont contribute" is false because in order to even being able to buy it the player had to contributed to a fleet at some point, the only argument that can be made is about provisioning but then again ... who the hell decided to Tier cost provisioning?

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