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02-02-2013, 01:22 PM
# 1 Would you like to see the Klingon empire at peace with the Federation?
Big YES!
As long as the Game doesn't stop with it.

Seriously i think there are way more possible storys in a combined Klingon/Federation alliance than a simple war between them. In my opinion Star Trek was at its best when the heroes where trying to prevent wars. But that's just my opinion, many fans are thrilled about war stories and endless killing.

Since the borg are not more than a minor scourge in STO, i think they need a real threatening enemy, like the iconians maybe. I think it would be cool if they could conquer sector blocks and we (the players) would get real disadvantages of it. So the recapture of those areas would be something everyone would be interested in.

As long as Cryptic doesn't make the same mistakes as the producers of Voyager did with the Borg, i think it could become quite interesting.

I absolutely hate the Galaxy class BOFF & Console layout.
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02-02-2013, 01:32 PM
Point of irritation: someone at Cryptic thought it would be a good idea to resolve the Undine situation that precipitated the need for the Empire to stage a massive intervention to save the Feds from invasion...

...In a magazine.

this means ZERO progress in the game toward actually resolving the war, at least, storyline wise.

Basically it's become a dead issue in terms of storytelling. (not that the Undine missions at the 45-50 levels weren't already lame enough on KDF side-phoned in, blech.)

It would be rather nice if they announced that the blinking and hiding it in a magazine story wasn't canon to the game, then gave us some kind of actual...you know, proper ending that makes sense?? before declaring everyone gets to sing Kumbaya in universal brotherhood.

Of course, that would require building a storyline based on the material we already have-given the clumsy and ill-thought-out handling of the whole New Romulus missions (chasing bunnies and collecting rocks, REALLY?? Flower arranging?? WHUT??)

For the existing material to lead to a Fed/Empire peace, the Federation would have to in-character and in-game acknowledge that the Empire was RIGHT about the Undine Threat, There would need to be Fed missions cleaning out Infiltrators and KDF missions where we're actually uncovering/pursuing/destroying them, there would need to be some joint anti-undine missions, the Undine would have to be beaten back into their Fluidic Space box...

Because the Empire didn't go to war for territory, the war was always about rescuing the Alpha Quadrant races from a shape-shifting, telepathic, honorless and hostile invader that was suborning local governments with intent to destroy our abiity to fend off external threats.

The Feds were just the Proxies in the war against this invader. Much like the hostilities precipitated when only Klingon Intelligence realized that the Dominion had infiltrated the Cardies and was prepping them as a base in a war of conquest. (see: DS9, in the lead-up to the outbreak of the Dominion War).
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02-02-2013, 02:10 PM
J'mpok started the war, and I'm under the DISTINCT impression that he's been replaced by a qa'meH quv, or Undine, so I think that we should kill J'mpok as a KDF and then have his successor make peace with the Federation to protect the galaxy.
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02-02-2013, 02:31 PM
To offer Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide. Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy.
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02-02-2013, 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by jkstocbr View Post
To offer Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide. Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy.
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02-02-2013, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
It does matter. Peace would mean that the fed & kdf content would be even more similar. I mean it's already a copy-paste job but it could be worse. War means you can't cooperate with Feds. Which is good from my point of view.
But we are already cooperating. We're cooperating against the Borg. We're cooperating on New Romulus. We're cooperating in Deferi space.
With new temporary ceasefires being established every other week, you can't get anything done, strategically, rendering the war completely pointless. So they might as well just call it off and give us both someone else to fight.
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02-02-2013, 02:58 PM
1. First of all, you have to define what "peace" means in game when asking this?

2. Spock: "J'mpok, the Chancellor of the High Council traded diplomacy for the tip of a blade. Only in battle, J'mpok says, is a Klingon trully a Klingon."
J'mpok says this over many times in the game. I do not see any way for peace while he's the Chancellor. We can have a Klingon FE that revolves around the Klingon politics and the Great Houses that would lead to J'mpok's demise. That way we can get rid of the Duras and his Romulan care bears once for all in STO. Maybe the nex chancellor would be diplomatic. War is over, but KDF players get a nice FE explaining why. That'd be ok.

3.My personal opinion - we should stay at war. Maybe it's just me, but everyone being at the same side just doesn't seem quite natural for me in a MMO. Any game needs more diversity and I'm afraid that if the only two factions in game are at peace and have the same cause it's going to become even more stale.

4.And finally, the war is not about the Undine any more. It is still a big part, but has grown into something much bigger than that. The KDF & Fed. fleets clashed when KDF was trying to invade Romulan space. Martok and Worf were even blamed of having no honor and being Fed. puppets that lead the Klingon warriors to slaughter on purpose. This was the base for J'mpok's oportunity to claim the trone.
Klingons also announced that they're taking back their old territories form the Federation.
If I remember correctly, in DS9 Gowron told Sisko that even he as Chancellor can't end the war without the Klingons having a victory. So, unless some of those blue or green squares on the map turn red, I really don't see a logical explanation for peace. Not even the Iconians since even today KDF & Fed. are fighting the Borg togehter, but we're at "war".
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02-02-2013, 03:23 PM
Of the many reasons for the KDF/Fed war the greatest and most ignored is the simple fact that the Federation essentially spat on the Khittomer Accords when the Empire requested aid in their war with the Gorn when they had evidence of Undine infiltration. The Federation ignored that evidence and assumed that the High Council was jumping at shadows as they did before the Dominion War with the fight with Cardassia.

The Federation has made no effort, no gesture whatsoever to correct this and now it is much too late. In the eyes of the Empire those that lead the Federation are honorless, holding no value or respect in the alliances they make.

It will take something significant on the side of the Federation in order for peace to even be considered by the Empire. The last time it took the utter destruction of Qo'nos's moon and the environmental fallout and threat of extinction to bring the Empire to the negotiating table.

There are the Organians but you saw how well that actually worked out.
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02-02-2013, 03:56 PM
No peace in our time.
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02-02-2013, 04:09 PM
Given all the mission content thus far it all really points to a FED V KDF war which has run it's course if you can call it a full scale war. The 2 sides have had skirmishes in the past and 2409 isn't much different.

The Federation have enough problems and never wanted the war.

KDF admit that Iconian and Undine plus the Borg are really a greater threat than the Federation could be not to mention the Feklri.

Already a joint faction to fight the Borg.

Joint ops helping the Romulans and Remans neither using the Romulans to get one up on the other. The KDF previously invaded the Romulan Empire with Federation intervention which nearly caused a war there and then, now they work together.

The point of the war in the first place is completely outdated. It's all stems from Undine involvement and this is a repeat of the Changeling/DS9 scenario which the Fed and KDF had a spat over something someone else caused. They realised that they couldn't keep it up and should work together to weed out the real enemy.

Really the logical development of this story (which has happened in the tv shows) is there will be ceasefire/fragile truce although both sides will be weary/cautious and a few skirmishes might break out. Undine will try to undermine them but this in itself will reveal them. Just watch DS9 seasons 4-7 for what is a very similar storyline.
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