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02-02-2013, 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by saxfire View Post
but I find it fairly usable in PvP in combination of TBR(Tractor Beam Repulsors), pushing the enemy escort against the web walls and such, or trapping enemies inside when they try to escape from your team.

;:Chuckle:: I invented that, but your missing the best part.

I bought 50 keys the day Tholian lockboxs cameout. For the weaver the web and the jump console.This bring you inside the cage, now the balls in your court.

You need the jump console to complete the combo attack, my fleet called it the r#p% cage

Buffs web +jump +AuXtBat + TBR3 Push TeaM into web wall.

i really could go without the web but the sheer fear factor of being shoved into a corner and u cant get out, gets people off there game everytime.

Is it Op no, scary as all hell in pvp yep

Originally Posted by dareau View Post
How big is a web sphere anyway? 7-8km diameter?

And what affects the "catastrophic / collapse" damage value? Screenshot on the Wiki shows a collapse damage of approx. 3,200 - which is not exactly the "couple of quantums" I've seen advertised earlier this thread - or is this 3,200 per shield facing that did not have a hole blown in it?
Its about 5km from target back and fowards. i know this becauce you jump 3km behind target and it gets tricky somtimes.

I dont play pve but pvp ive seen fully buffed cage drop on shieldless facing for 16-19k rare . Only 3-7 on shield'd depending on opponents buffs/consoles
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