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# 1 A few new features
02-03-2013, 01:38 PM
I have a few new feature ideas that I am sure everyone will like.

Custom Holodeck for the player:
You know how in some other MMOs how you can have a home to put your stuff in and it can have your own feel? How about a Holodeck that you can enter on your ship that you can customize yourself to your likeliness.

For example: Worf had his own custom holodeck program for training, while picard enjoyed the private detective novels (ie. Star Trek: First Contact, and various TNG episodes).

My own holodeck: My personal holodeck would be a country side environment with a pool and a nice home to relax in. And when you use the holodeck for a certain period of time, you would receive a buff of some kind for about an hour's duration.

Outdoor map space combat:
I think the name speaks for itself. How would you feel about creating foundry missions or being part of a mission where your ship or fighter is on the surface of the planet and taking out ground tanks or perhaps fighters that are trying to take you down? I think it'd be a unique style of combat along with ground vehicles (star trek: nemesis).

Also, how would you like to see your starships are shuttles above the surface of the planet, or maybe have the ability of adding a crashed ship onto your foundry missions?

What do you guys think? any problems or concerns. I think it would be neat, what do you think?

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