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So I came back to STO early this month after about... a year and a half? off from the game. I"ve run some missions, got some new ships, and I'm at a complete and utter loss as to where to go and what to do. The few friends I have left in the game play Engineers or Science Officres and aren't a lot of help in the advice category. I can't decide what ship to go with, and I need some advice on choice and build. Not that I even HAVE a playing style yet beyond "don't die!"

Here's what's sitting on my options list.

Tactical Vesta-class
Base Odyssey-class
Refitted Defiant-class
MVAM Prometheus-class
Refitted Excelsior-class
Galaxy-X class dreadnaught

So far, the Galaxy-X doesn't seem to be very powerful anymore, not to mention sluggish. The Defiant is agile, but dies if someone looks at it hard. The Odyssey has been better balanced, and I wonder if I should spring for its Tactical variant instead. The Prometheus, Excelsior, and Vesta I haven't touched yet. There's also another class of Tactical Escort I haven't touched yet.

So what am I looking for? A good PvE ship, for doing the dailies, rep grinds, and STFs. Basically, a good balance of DPS and survivability. Though I'll take pure DPS as long as I don't die like a baby bird in a monsoon.

As for gear, I've got some Phaser MK XI from the Old Days, and some Phased Polaron XII gear from lockboxes. I've also got old versions of the Aegis set, as well as the Reman and Breen sets from I think... a year or two ago. They're Mk X or XI.

I feel like I'm starting over from scratch, but I don't want to give up my only Vice Admiral. I remember being better at the Defiant class and juggling manueverability on cruisers bettesr. I dont' know how much is me being out of practice, having bad gear, a bad skill build, or the wrong ship. Probably some combo of all of it.

*fires off a distress beacon*

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