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I'm KDF, have all of the KDF hangar pets. I was trying to outfit my Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier (JHHEC) with some interceptors when I got a message about class requirements not being met. I double-checked the list of carriers it could be deployed on and discovered they hadn't been updated with the escort-carrier. Checked all my other pets, the only ones unable to be placed on the JHHEC were the interceptors, marauding force, and tachyon drones; all the pets from the c-store flight deck cruisers. I thought it might have been all the c-store pets that were broken, but s'kul fighters from the kar'fi can be placed on the JHHEC. I'm really hoping this is a bug or someone overlooked them while updating the other fighters.

Image leads to list of carriers the s'kul fighters, interceptors, marauding force and tachyon drones can be deployed on.

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