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02-03-2013, 04:40 PM
I also have a tac captain in an armitage, have loved the ship. I got it just before season 7 hit and had managed to load it up with the 3 piece borg set and the console.

I figured the borg set would tide me over until I worked through the reputation system to get all the flash Mk XII stuff. However, the 3 piece borg set has proved very resiliant, to the point that I have decided to leave it in. Sure enough the shield capacity isn't the best, but the 2 procs seem to fire often enough in combat to offset this, plus it is quite regenerative. As others have stated, when under heavy fire, those procs are amazing.

I would also suggest that if you have the console, or are thinking about it, also grab the omega launcher! The omega weapon amplifier set bonus might not seem good looking at it on paper, however it is amazing for keeping your weapon power up high, I noticed an instant improvement. The proc fires ALOT, especially if you're running (and I hope you are), cannons and turrets! Plus you can literally fire a torpedo every second, great on an escort where you are constantly facing your target.

I cannot comment on the cutting beam, that survived all of 3 hours on my odyssey before I removed it, but on an escort it might be a good idea and having another proc that gives a chance to basically negate all incomming damage for a second or two, could be really nice.
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02-03-2013, 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by doctormerkin View Post
on my tact i run omega deflect+engines+maco shield,works fine for me..
You use a omega shield or you will have to put more power to your shields as the moga has a greater regen.
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