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Originally Posted by thestargaze View Post
Has it ever happen to you that you get tired of your toons?

What do you do when it happens? I am really getting tired of how they look like?
:/ Any hinters? I try to change the "look" but I just never get the right look?
Its also their traits and ships that is getting to me. Wrong skills etc.

Is there a particular look you're trying to achieve with your toons? A particular place of origin, for human or human-like toons? Unfortunately the character generator simply does not have the functionality to correctly create all ethnic groups (and there are even a few glaring omissions for those it does allow you to properly create). Also, even on humans, it allows for some really cartoonish, out-of-proportion stuff that isn't very realistic.

That said, if you know enough about anatomy and so forth, you can work around the flaws. Is there anything in particular you're after? If so, I can point you to some tutorials that may help you achieve what you're setting out to do, so your character is faithful to how you see him or her in your head.

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i always make a new one. i like to think of a backround for them first so i can get a good pic in my head of who and what they are. then it just happens. play around with them and be creative, you may enjoy it.
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02-04-2013, 04:56 AM
My rule of thumb: Choose Alien as a race... then you can always change the look.

My first toon was a "romulan"... then I got bored of the look and went another direct, this one as an example..
Example A

You can make whatever your heart desires... helk I made roger from american dad ... then I got bored of him.
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