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# 1 Build up city's
02-04-2013, 07:43 AM
Dev's put some stuff on those worlds, when visiting a world it's almost empty I mean have you been on some planets lately, it's dusty, dirty, and almost no one to visit or interact with. If I take a look in other MMO's if you walk around a place nine of ten time's you can interact, solve a puzzle or do someting else beside the main puzzle.
Is't there annyting where you would think as me walking over andoria for instance and say nice that they fight in a freezing inviroment but what else is there.
If I walk over vulcan few houses vulcans minding there own but what else is there ? would be nice to play calto or learning vulcan neck pinch.
Is there nowhere a dev with some time on his hands to inplement anything into this great MMO to make it worth vissiting all these planets ??


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