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# 1 Reputation System and Bank
02-04-2013, 09:11 AM

Does the reputation system missions pull from the character bank as well as the inventory?

I'm looking at buying a majority of what I will need based on the wiki link above and stashing it in my bank so I'm not constantly running back to ESD every other day to buy more supplies.

Stupid Wishes:
1. Larger Stacks of Regenerators/Shields. 20 per stack wastes lots of inventory. If only they could limit it to 20 per slot when equipped, it would save so much room. Even with my bank, I'll need to rebuy the stupid hypo/shields/etc.. again halfway through.

[Large Shield Charge] x 1470 =74 slots
[Major Regenerator] x 1860 = 93 slots
[Large Hypo] x 1470 = 74 slots
Everything else might take up 30 slots in the bank.

2. Lazy Button (Instant Buy Supplies) - Lots of people, myself included, are lazy. Even if they charged 5x the price, an instant buy would be loved. Most people are swimming in credits anyway, and it is just an annoyance having to buy it separately anyway.

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